Substance – The Secret To Increasing Your Sales

‐ November 12, 2013

Businessman - Success - CloudWould you like to know the secret to selling to 20% more customers a week? What would a 20% increase in sales mean to you?

In this day and age of the Internet and electronic paperless promotion, have you noticed the more paperless we go the more paper we use? Why is that, do you think? The reason for this is simple, SUBSTANCE. This is the simple marketing secret that has been devalued in the electronic age. You see our brains and minds are wired to need substance. We need to touch and hold things to understand them. We need to have solid things especially when it comes to consuming advertising and marketing. Paper is solid and gives us substance. The computer screen is visual but you can’t hold it in your hand, fold it and put it in your pocket or take it with you. I don’t know about you, but I hate reading marketing text on a computer monitor.

The result of this electronic boom has been businesses in an effort to cut costs are using more and more electronic delivery methods of promotional and marketing materials. Instead of printing a brochure they create a PDF and send email out. Let me ask you this, the last PDF somebody emailed to you, did you read it, print it out or delete it? What did you do with it? Chances are if you were interested you probably printed it out or scanned over the document, not really paying attention to it.

When a customer comes in or calls and asks questions but does not buy, what do you give them when they leave? Anything? If not, you are losing business. When your sales people are sitting face to face with a customer, what tools do they use to show them the benefits of your offering? MATERIAL substance – remember, the same rule applies to verbal communication. I have noticed, as a consumer in the last 3 years in particular, the quality of printed promotional materials sent to me or that I picked up has declined. I think this can be credited mostly to the economy. But still, some of the materials give me the impression that these companies are operating out of their garage and not somebody I would trust to handle my business.

There also has been a push toward do-it-yourself graphic design and printing the last few years. The vast array of desktop publishing software and office copiers has put graphic design in the realm of the untrained. The companies selling software or copiers do not tell you that there is a technology and an art to designing effective marketing materials. Sure you can do it yourself but does the finished product sell?

What impression does your printed material give of your business?  Did you try to save money by throwing something together in Power Point or in MS Word? Here is the $10,000 question, ” If you compared your printed marketing materials to your competition’s, whose materials looks more creditable and professional?” Do you think your customers are more or less likely to buy from you or your competition?  A professionally designed and printed brochure, flyer or pocket folder gives an impression of trust and credibility.

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Believe it or not there is a technique to graphically laying out and designing marketing materials so that they are easy to read and present the message so that it is easily understood. Graphic design involves balance between printed text and graphics, eye trail to emphasize main selling points and color usage and message buttons. These are a few tools a graphic designer uses to create effective materials.  Does it mean that because you have MS Publisher on your computer and a color ink jet printer that the brochure you design will sell? Maybe it will, but chances are it will not. The biggest, most successful companies in the world invest in professional design and printing of marketing materials. This is not because they have money to burn. These companies know the importance of image and branding. Printed materials are an important part of creating your brand.

Professionally designed and printed marketing materials do not need to cost a lot of money. AND, you do not have to print large quantities to get a good price. The first and often most important marketing tool to have is a brochure. They are useful, versatile and inexpensive to produce. Brochures and full color flyers are inexpensive marketing tools. We have a staff of graphic designers who can help you design a full color brochure that will be effective.

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