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    Business Envelopes Are The Biggest Missed Opportunity to Market Your Small Business

    ‐ May 6, 2016

    Business envelopes – boring right! Not if you bring them to life with full color graphics.

    Business envelopes have been a staple in business communication. If you are simply printing your business return address on your business envelopes you are missing an opportunity to market your business.

    Missed Business Opportunity

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    Your business envelopes presents an opportunity for you to cross promote products, services and promote specials. Your full color business envelope does not need to look tacky and the envelope design can look professional and still promote and sell.

    Several studies have shown that business envelopes printed with a message across the envelope have a much higher open rate than just a plain business envelope or an envelope that is printed in black with a simple return address.

    Simple messages printed in red across the envelope like, “URGENT” or “Save 25% Details Inside” can be very effective. For example a heating and air business sending a note to a customer that says on the outside of the envelope “Your AC System May Be Poisoning Your Homes Air” can create interest and increase the open rate of a direct mail piece.

    Today, it is affordable to print business envelopes in full color for your sales letters. All types of businesses have used sales letters for centuries to sell their products and services. Many direct marketing companies have used messages printed across the front of their envelopes since the 1950’s. Why? Because it is effective.

    You should put some thought in the message you put on the outside of your business envelopes. Your message should create a mystery or entice the recipient to open the envelope.

    If your business uses thank you notes or note cards adding matching envelopes printed in full color is a great way to put your message over the top. Again, because of high-speed digital presses adding full color to your business envelopes is very affordable. Today, you can order full color business envelopes in small quantities, giving you flexibility.

    Do not be boring, have your business envelopes printed in color. Extend your marketing efforts to include your business envelopes.

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