Full Color Envelopes – The Least Expensive & Most Effective Marketing Tool For A Small Business

‐ October 21, 2015

Most businesses use envelopes to send out invoices, statements and other communications to customers and prospects. Yet, the envelope is the most over looked and neglected marketing tool you have.

It used to be that printing envelopes for businesses was expensive. Most companies printed their envelopes using black ink only to save money because printing in one, two or full color was expensive to do. The logic was, “Hey it is just an envelope, it will just get thrown away.” True. But the envelope is also the first thing your customers will see. Printed with color and the right message envelopes can be used to drive repeat sales.

Digital printing has created many opportunities for small business marketing. Now a business can print high quality, short run printing of brochures and other full color pieces for pennies. And now full color digital printing has come to envelopes. We can now print full color envelopes for almost the same price as black and white.

The marketing real estate on the envelope should not be underestimated, especially in service industries where you are selling yourself. For example, a real estate agent, lawyer, dentist or chiropractor can print their picture on the envelope for thank you notes.

Send a sales letter and make it more personal and attention grabbing by putting your picture on the envelope.

Envelopes play an important roll in marketing. Call us for idea starters and samples.

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