Direct Mail Envelopes That Get Opened

‐ April 20, 2018

Sales letters are one of the most effective forms of advertising for small business. Sales letters are a personal communication sent to a prospective customer, yet the most overlooked part of a sales letter mailer is the envelope.

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Depending on the product, message you are trying to relay and the type of prospect receiving your sales letter, you will want to put a little thought into how the envelope looks. If the envelope is too “sales-y” it will get thrown in the trash; too little on the envelope, it goes in the trash.

The goal is to strike a balance between the two and build enough curiosity so that it gets opened and your sales letter gets read. I have listed some tips below to help you strike that balance for your next sales letter mailer:

  1.  Provide insight into the contents of your envelope, such as including a valuable coupon, how-to guide, newsletter, or sample.
  2. Treat your envelope like a billboard and crank up the excitement by using the front and back to promote your message or product.
  3. Consider creating an envelope with a window or die-cut shape that provides a glimpse of the contents inside.
  4. Establish prestige and add appeal with foil stamping or embossing.
  5. Increase urgency by including your deadline on the outside of the envelope to encourage readers to act fast to take advantage of your exclusive discount or promotion.
  6. Consider an oversized envelope, which is often the first thing that gets noticed in a stack of mail.
  7. Affix an anniversary seal, guarantee label, or warranty sticker as a simple way to add credibility.
  8. Test different ideas on envelopes and use different coupon codes to see which gains the most leads or sales.

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