The Art of Quick Response Selling

‐ November 12, 2013

Marketing With QR Codes

Android and iPhone smartphones are changing the way we market. These mobile devises give customers instant access to the Internet everywhere. On the move, consumers can now find and seek out information about your business while at the beach, in their car or sitting at the park with no more than a cell phone. Potentially, with GPS taking the customer right up to your door. There is a relative new technology that can tie printed media to electronic, generating more sales for your business.

bigstock-Qr-Code-Mobile-Scanner-45925606Surely you’ve noticed a QR code in a magazine, flyer or at a trade show? A QR code is typically a square box that resembles a barcode that is designed to be scanned by a smartphone in order to reveal a weblink or marketing message. The term QR means Quick Response and they effectively tie in printed media to the Internet. The Internet instantly makes any business a world wide business putting you (potentially) in front of millions of people. For a long time one of the cons about the Internet was how to get people to find you. People have to know your web address or enough about you to do a search. A general search lists tens of your competitors along with you. You can bypass this by including a QR code, which directs the customer or prospect directly to your web landing page, coupon offer or your YouTube video. What does this mean to you?

It means you can combine the targetability and direct response of direct mail with the benefits of electronic to generate more sales. There are some tips you should know about using QR codes.

QR codes mean that you can use the ability of direct mail, postcards, brochures or sales letters to cut through the clutter, get noticed and drive traffic directly to your home page where you can give them more information and move the prospect closer to a sale.

The web page you create can have more information or a video. Tip: be careful not to provide too much information on the web page. The idea is to generate interest and a reach for your service. You want the prospect to have some questions that are unanswered so they will call you for more information. With all the technology available today the process of selling is still most effectively done one person to another.

Generating a QR Code for your business is a very easy process. We offer QR codes as a free service to our clients who buy direct mail or a post card marketing campaign with us.

The first step is to determine a goal for your QR campaign. Why would people want to scan your code? Why would they want to sign up for something? Download a free sample? Why would they want to see a video? You should always design the promotion around a benefit of your product to the customer. See article on WII-FM (What’s in it – for me)

By scanning the QR code they have already qualified themselves as someone who has an interest in your product of service. Since QR codes are downloaded via a cell phone or mobile device, ensure your QR code offers a coupon or directs them to a landing page.

  • Start with compelling content and pull the person along the sales process to eventually buying from you. People are compelled by benefits and also by a mystery.
  • Guide your users. The majority of mobile users are not familiar with QR codes or how to scan them. Offer a brief explanation of what the code is and how to access it.
  • Use QR codes as fun and easy ways to direct the users to additional information, such as offering a link to an instructional video.
  • Use QR codes to capture the prospects identity. There are programs available that allow you to capture cell phone numbers, which you can later use to text message specials to.
  • Think about where your QR code will appear for example, codes are much more successful when printed on a business card, a postcard or brochure than on the side of a bus.
  • Offer a QR code on a brief, one-page product slick, door hanger or other small marketing piece that can offer additional information to those who are interested.
  • The QR code can direct someone to a page with testimonials from happy customers.
  • Use QR codes as unique ways for the consumer to get additional information, such as on Home-for-Sale signs – you could include a code that links to a video or photo tour of the house.
  • A dentist or doctor could have the QR code link to a video that shows the doctor and staff.
  • A QR code could offer a download of a coupon or special offer.

If you are looking for other creative ways to market your products or services we’d love to show you more of our ideas!

I hope this article was helpful to you. The fact is if you are not already doing so, you should get behind the QR wave that is hitting the marketplace. QR codes are a tool you can use to create more sales for your business.

If we can do anything to help you, please call us at 727-536-4173 or send me an email.

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